This project is read-only.

Now that I downloaded this, how do I run it?
First, you will need Visual Studio 2010. The project download includes additional assemblies, such as the CRM 4 ones.
When you download the project, it's best to store it in the following way: C:\Source\Repository Management Framework.
Since the download will most likely contain some TFS bindings, make sure you remove them all and set all folders not to be read-only.

Where are all of the examples on how to use this?
All samples, and examples are in included in the provided source code.

Where is some documentation on methods, classes, etc?
Please refer to the source code. Each method and class has suffient information on what its responsibility is.

I see that there is a CRM4 sample, but why is it commented out?
These samples requre some specific CRM 4 entities generated through the usage of Advanced Developer Extensions, which were not included in the source. If you have a CRM 4 instance, then use that to generate the entities and the context. This FAQ will not cover how to do that. Once you have generated the file, then simply create an entry in the connectionStrings section in your configuration file and use this when instantiating the context.

Where are all of the configuration strings stored?
There are a couple of places in the solution where configuration strings are set. They are in the following projects:

  • Sample.Run Project - App.config
  • Sample.EF.Model Project - App.config
  • Sample.LinqToSql.Model Project - App.config
  • SystemFileSamples.cs File - File paths to sample files

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